How to Make Reindeer Truffles


Reindeer Truffles

Want to know how to make adorable reindeer truffles (and a santa!)?  It doesn’t get any easier than this. You can give these as a gift from your kitchen, or delight your guests with at your Christmas celebration. The secret is to start with store-bought truffles, and then decorate them up to create these adorable little guys. The easy instructions are below


  • 24 truffles (such as Ferrero Rocher or Lindt)
  • 2 cups light cocoa candy melts, melted
  • 3/4 cup pink candy melts, melted
  • 1/2 cup white candy melts, melted
  • 3 red fruit slices, halved crosswise
  • 1 cup mini marshmallows, halved crosswise
  • 17 brown and 4 red M&M’s Minis
  • 48 mini chocolate chips, tips removed
  • 36 mini pretzel twists


  1. 1. Line a baking sheet with waxed paper. Dip 18 truffles in melted light cocoa candy melts; allow excess to drip off. Transfer to baking sheet. Spoon remaining melted light cocoa candy melts into a ziplock bag; seal bag
  2. 2. Dip remaining 6 truffles in melted pink candy melts; allow excess to drip off. Transfer to baking sheet. Refrigerate until set, about 5 minutes
  3. 3. Spoon melted white candy melts into a ziplock bag; seal bag. Snip very small corners from the ziplock bags that contain white and light cocoa candy melts. Pipe white candy onto the pink-coated truffles; attach half a red fruit slice to each as a hat. Attach marshmallows as the trim on each hat and as the beard and mustache. Cut 3 red M&M’s Minis in half and attach 1 to each truffle as a nose. Attach the mini chocolate chips for the eyes.
  4. 4. Pipe small dots of light cocoa candy melts on chocolate-coated truffles; on top of the melted dots, affix pretzel twists as antlers. Add brown and remaining red M&M’s Minis as noses. Pipe small bits of white candy and attach mini chocolate chips as eyes. Refrigerate truffles until set, about 5 minutes.
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