Broken Heart Filled Cupcake


Cupcake with heart surprise inside

How do you mend a broken heart…?  With a cupcake, of course!
Love this cupcake with a heart surprise inside (but its a “broken heart!”). It looks so yummy on the outside, who would guess there’s a secret surprise lurking on the inside.  A plain vanilla cupcake looking so yummy with a swirl of chocolate butter cream frosting on top (it looks so much like soft chocolate ice cream…. sigh… I LOVE soft chocolate ice cream…), and with that little cherry on top, it almost looks like a scrumptious Sunday. But cut it in half, and look what you find – a broken heart, though a very yummy looking broken heart it is.  I think its the perfect “make up” cupcake. I’d give this to my hubs as a peace offering after an argument – a sweet way to mend a broken heart…  From the book BakeItInACake

Cadbury Easter Egg Cupcakes

Cadbury Easter Egg Cupcakes

What a terrific Easter treat! These pretty pastel blue cupcakes come with a Easter surprise packed inside – a Cadbury Easter egg!  Easter just wouldn’t be Easter without one of those tiny chocolate Easter eggs. They look great with blue frosting, but you could frost them in any of Easter’s pretty pastel colors.  From cookbook author Courtney Dial Whitmore.

Strawberry Margarita Cupcakes

Strawberry margarita cupcakes

Imagine…. a Strawberry Margarita and a cupcake all rolled into one!  What could possibly be better? Complete with a sugared rim, this Strawberry Margarita cupcake does indeed contain tequila in the recipe. Let the party begin! A great idea for an adult’s birthday, for an engagement party, bridal shower, wedding, or anniversary celebration. Or for wheneverGet the recipe at

Cupcake With Heart In Center

Cupcake with heart in center

Sweet and adorable!  Its a cupcake with a heart baked into the center. Perfect when you want to say I love you, or for any occasion focused on love or romance – birthday, Valentines Day, anniversary, bridal shower, wedding, you name it.  Or make them for your hubs when you want to make up after an argument – that’s sure to soften him up!  They look totally YUMMY too.  You can get the instructions from BakeItInaCake.


Pancake Cupcakes With Syrup

Pancake cupcakes with syrup

Oh Yum!  This is almost too good to be true – all my favorite edible things rolled into one!  Its a pancake cupcake if you can believe it!  With maple syrup dripping down its sides.  Talk about heaven! My word those look goooood! And they’re blueberry pancakes no less – that’s even better.  If you want to make these, you can grab the recipe from BakeItInACake

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